Accept no excuses, only result

The spirit of this model is the name itself. When you’re in competition mode, you have to go above and beyond what your competition is doing – it’s the logic of winning.

Any of us think and say that we’ve got a desire to improve or win. It’s one thing having that desire and intention, but another thing acting on it. Actions always take more effort and energy than words and thoughts! The best performers follow their intentions with action. There are noXcuse not to turn intentions to actions, and to go ahead to win.


In tribute to my personal times in sport, the exciting challenges in business and as an honor to all those who experience the same in life or business, I named the serial Model noXcuse. Once this watch is on your wrist, it will remind you – no excuse not to reach what you aim for – no excuse not to go ahead to take action in order to achieve what you want.

The Case Body – Made from reinforced carbon fiber polymers

Carbon fiber is Stronger than steel and a fraction of its weight. Assembled in a sandwich style with Titanium bezel and bottom it gives a stability and strength we can find only in F1 sports cars, which have also a molded CFC monocoque serving as its passenger cabin and structural core or Hi-Tech combat jets.


The Carbon fiber (or glass fiber) case-body perfectly compensates temperatures and shocks, it makes the watch lighter and incredibly comfortable to wear during an active day. The design itself is inspired by the stealth bomber, just like in this combat plane, we see mostly straight lines and no radius.


Titanium used for the skin connected parts and known as one of the most reliable materials in point of weight and resistance. It´s used in medicine for producing various implants. Because of its biocompatibility and bioactive surface, it creates an ideal cellular response. Could other material fit better to the skin of our customers?

Product Philosophy

Like the ultra-professional automotive industry, we’re working with partners all over the world. This allows us to introduce the watch in a price range which makes the professionals question WHY we do it. Our answer is clear – we want to shake up the market by using the most advanced materials and to take advantage of automotive experiences in strategical purchase and management, in order to lead the created benefits to our friends. There will be a strong impact in the watch market because hi-tech materials and finally because of fair-priced watch with a strong spirit.