The Extreme spirit – pushing beyond our limits

Torsten Nagengast's Background


He was born in a small German village, far away from great possibilities. As a teenager he was focused on sports, pushing forward, step by step, by setting new goals to reach what he was aiming for.


Finally, after years, he achieved being a black belt master, 14 times regional and 4 times German Champion in Kick-boxing, and won the bronze medal at the World Championships.


Now he is in charge for High-Tech precision projects for the most famous brands out of automotive industry and high-tech projects, building handmade watches, creating ultra luxury objects for a palace in the Middle East and finally, maybe most importantly, he united all these personal skills to create the EXTREME Ultralight Time Instrument.

“The  only way to discover the limits of the possible is

to go beyond them into the impossible.


                                                                                                                    -Arthur C. Clarke

Life is a pure challenge


How many times have you surprised yourself and done something you had once only hoped to do, or done something you thought was impossible? If you’re searching for a challenge that puts your mind and body to the test – take it to the extreme.   Push yourself to the limit, from running across challenging landscapes to rowing on the ocean, they can be amazing feats of endurance, demonstrations of physical prowess and adrenaline-quelled stunts. Experience extreme mountaineering, or hiking across the wilderness, climb some of the highest mountain peaks or traverse one of the widest deserts. You need to be tough, determined, and physically fit. Skydiving stunts and other adrenaline challenges need a lot less preparation but just as much mental grit.

Remember – There is noXcuse

Some of the greatest accomplishments throughout history are marked by our capacity to push through incredible amounts of physical and mental pain to reach new heights and new goals. And, most importantly, fully investigate all of your talents and passions to accomplish things you never did before.


You can experience the same in business, you can create breakthrough results by maximizing your potential. Fully leverage your talents, change your limiting beliefs and overcome your fears so you can dramatically increase your performance, achieve greater levels of success and have more freedom. Because you are greater. A LOT greater than you think you are!

And never forget to honor the achieved Milestone



The soul of the watch and the Extreme Spirit behind is based on the combat sport activity I had. The time spent in sports was the most precious in my life.


Hard challenges, fantastic friends and facing personal borders. It was somehow forming personality. I learned to be focused on goals and to work consequently to achieve them.


I think the world of sports is a lot like life. There’re hard trainings, competitions, wins and losses, passion, hard work. But the most important thing you need is the will to go ahead even if it seems to be impossible.